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Lightsaber MP3 Player – Just A Lot Smaller And With No Cool Buzzing Noises

Posted by skraghav on November 6, 2007


I know, I know, it’s not really a Lightsaber MP3 player – at least not one licensed by the Star Wars Money Mint – but it sure resembles a mini-version of the world’s most famous, non-existent laser sword.It’s called the Music Stick, which sounds a whole lot less sexy but at least they won’t get sued, and sizes range from a weenie 1GB to a slightly less weenie 2GB, with a choice of models with or without FM radio. So, without the visual resemblance, it’s a bog standard small MP3 player. Here’s the specs:

Support the audio: MP3/OGG/WMA/WAV(PCM/ADPCM
A-B repeat
High speed USB2.0 interface
E-book: long text recording function, able to copy the unread text to hard disk for the next reading anytime
Recording: record through MIC
6 EQ modes: Normal, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Bass
Playing modes: Normal, menu, repeat, repeat all, shuffle, etc.
Setting functions: Sleep mode and energy saving mode, screen saver
Support: FM function

Prices range from £14 to £22


One Response to “Lightsaber MP3 Player – Just A Lot Smaller And With No Cool Buzzing Noises”

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