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Girl born with 8 limbs smiling after surgery

Posted by skraghav on November 12, 2007

A two-year-old Indian girl born with four arms and four legs was recovering in intensive care today after a successful 27-hour operation to remove her headless, conjoined twin.


Lakshmi Tatma, the daughter of a poor Indian labourer from the eastern Indian state of Bihar, was given an 80 per cent chance of pulling through the surgery which should enable her to walk and move like an ordinary child.

“She has withstood the operation, she is safe and doing well,” said Dr Sharan Patil, the consultant orthopaedic surgeon who led the 36-stong team that operated on Lakshmi,

“We will keep a close watch on her for the next 48 to 72 hours and won’t move from the hospital until she stabilises.”


The £30,000 operation, which has been performed free of cost by the hospital, was fraught with difficulty as surgeons separated Lakshmi from the headless, “parasitic” twin that was attached to her pelvis at birth.

When she was born the inhabitants of her rural village believed she was a ’gift from God’ and christened her ’Lakshmi’ after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth.

Her parents, Shambhu and Poonam, were “overwhelmed” to hear that the surgery had been completed successfully and were allowed to see their daughter’s for just a few minutes yesterday afternoon.

The surgery had proved too traumatic for Poonam who collapsed and required sedation after watching her daughter going under general anaesthetic at the Narayana Health City on the outskirts of Bangalore on Tuesday.

When Dr Patil went to tell the family about the success of the operation he was met by with dumbfounded silence from Lakshmi’s mother, who had not eaten for two days due to stress.

Later, after being admitted to the intensive care unit, both parents tenderly touched Lakshmi, appearing scared to move too close after doctors warned of the dangers of infection.

After applying antiseptic soap to their hands, they gently lifted up the covers and saw their daughter, swathed in bandages, but for the first time with two legs.

After leaving the intensive care unit, Poonam slumped against the wall and shed tears of relief as her husband comforted her.

As well as removing four extraneous limbs, surgeons also transplanted a healthy kidney from the headless twin to Lakshmi and used bone grafts to close her pelvic bones which were set at right-angles to each other.

Doctors said the closure of Lakshmi’s pelvis – a procedure which had been slated to take three weeks using an ’external fixator’ to apply gradual pressure – was an unexpected bonus.

“Every step was successful. There was no setback whatsoever,” Dr Patil added, looking tired but content in a blue surgeon’s gown, “We were able to bring the pelvic bones together successfully, which takes away the need for another procedure.”

Medical teams will now observe Lakshmi until she is out of immediate danger from the operation before assessing how successful they have been in giving her the chance to lead a normal life.


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Nokia N95 – 8GB with 5 megapixels Camera

Posted by skraghav on November 8, 2007

The updated 8GB Nokia N95 with FREE Spiderman 3 movie ready to watch – With bigger screen, built-in GPS, and now with a huge 8GB of internal memory, you can fit more into your mobile life.


The Nokia N95 8GB has a built-in 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss Tessar 20x digital zoom lense with integrated red-eye flash to capture the moment or record DVD quality MPEG4 video at 30 frames per second. Transfer your photos and video to your PC, or just sit-back and enjoy your handy-work on your television with TV out.

Slide the Nokia N95 8GB to reveal dedicated music keys and store up to 400 CD`s (up to 6000 tracks) in the internal 8GB of memory, compatible with all of the latest music formats you`ll enjoy music through the supplied Nokia stereo earphones or your own headset. Alternatively switch-on the FM radio – Your music or radio anywhere at anytime.

Slide the phone the other way to reveal the full keypad and make quad-band calls on 5 continents with Vodafone passport international roaming. The Nokia N95 8GB has Bluetooth, is 3G with the addition of mobile broadband high speed HSDPA mobile data transfer for the latest high-speed Vodafone mobile internet browsing experience. Wireless hot-spots and office networks are a click away with WiFi 802.11 connectivity.

The Nokia N95 8GB has an in-built global positioning satellite receiver, and so cleverly comes pre-installed with Maps, the Nokia GPS Mapping location software which will show your location and find local points of interest and services. Maps is also fully upgradeable by download to a full 3D Sat Nav with voice direction to your chosen destination.

The Nokia N95 8GB on Vodafone is without doubt the most technically advanced mobile phone to date.




Nokia N95 8GB at a glance



Q3 2007


GSM 850/900/1800/1900
UMTS 2100




240×320 pixels, 16m colours


5 megapixels
Size: Large slider
99 x 53 x 21mm / 128 grams
Bluetooth: Yes
Memory card: Yes
Infra-red: Yes
Polyphonic: Yes
Java: Yes
Battery life: 3.5-5 hours talk / 11 days standby



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Tin Cans Get a Stylish Makeover as Desktop Speakers

Posted by skraghav on November 6, 2007


Boost Mobile has teamed up with graffiti artists Mint, Serf and designer Dean Bradley to produce a set of unique speakers shaped like tin cans. Inspired by the tin can walkie-talkies of childhood, these 5-inch speakers won’t crank out a ton of sound, but they will be compatible with just about anything you can throw at them including: mp3 players, phones, iPods, desktop computers, DVD players, laptops, game consoles, and more. Pricing details and a release date have not been made available.

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World’s Fastest DVD Burners

Posted by skraghav on November 6, 2007


Yep, DVD burners are still on the radar, despite the HD media noise.

LG and Samsung are both vying for the ‘world’s fastest’ claim this week for DVD burners. LG’s external USB 2.0 DVD burner, the GSA-E60N [see photo above] claims that it can burn DVD+/-R at 20x. This is indeed fast.

The Samsung drive, the SH-S203N, is an internal drive and touts the ability to burn DVD+R dual layer discs at 16x – the fastest yet by 30-40%. It can also manage to burn DVD-R DL at 12x and single layer DVD+/-R discs at 20x.

Both support LightScribe technology and both will cost around £40 when they launch here sometime this month.

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