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Neo Classic LED Watch

Posted by skraghav on August 28, 2007

  First introduced in 1971 and later overtaken by the LCD Watch. The light emitting diode (LED) Watch is making a comeback today and is a highly sought after timepiece by watch fans and collectors alike.

Our super cool Neoclassic Digital LED Watch combines the latest microelectronic technology with the classic LED display, giving the classic watch the reliability, long life and highly accurate time that a LED watch never achieved before.

Be the envy of your friends with this conversation stopper, it has a bright and big LED display with a 5 –level LED brightness control and is easy to read in the dark and in bright sunshine. Also has a calendar gives the time in 12/24H format, the LED Watch is of metal construction with a genuine leather band and mirror finish face it requires a cr2032 Lithium cell which is included.

So you are ready to go. Do not miss out on this one a Great gift for a Birthday or Xmas present.


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