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Blue Line to be halted – What do u think..??

Posted by skraghav on July 5, 2007

The government of Delhi announced on Tuesday it will halt the Blueline bus service after a crashing bus hit five cars and killed a teenager.

The accident occured on Sunday in the west of Delhi.

Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit said the service will be phased out in two years.

She added the service will be replaced by a fleet of ‘low-floor, high-capacity’ buses.

The government has not clarified whether private operators will be completely banned from operating bus services unless they acquire the ‘low-floor’ buses.

There have been 488 fatal accidents involving buses in three years and most of them belong to the Blueline service.

Traffic violations

Little regard for those in the bus or even on the road that is the way most blue-line bus drivers prefer to drive let alone adhering to traffic rules.

A ride on a Blueline bus on Tuesday revealed a series of driving violations. The bus did not have a speed control device.

The driver skips bus stops, traffic signals and does not follow lane rules to get ahead of other buses on his route.

Driving amid heavy traffic the driver speaks on his mobile phone simultaneously posing a threat to his passengers and other vehicles.

Also to entertain himself during the journey the driver flouts another rule he turns on blaring music in the bus.

Blueline buses have been linked to a string of accidents in Delhi in just six months time.

On July 1, a 11 year-old boy was crushed under a Blueline bus in Rajouri Garden and on June 17 two people were involved in an accident with a Blueline bus in Defence Colony – one of them died.

On June 4, a Blueline bus killed one in Tilak Nagar. On May 9, a Blueline bus rammed into a motorcycle near ITO killing its rider.

On May 2, a cyclist lost his life to a Blueline bus in Chanakyapuri. On April 18, in Preet Vihar another man on a bike was killed while on February 8, a BSF trooper was hit by a Blueline bus.


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