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The cheapest 5.0 megapixel cameraphone?

Posted by skraghav on June 22, 2007

CT-6618 standard Chinese-Touchscreen-Phone 

ct-6618 front small

Browsing the sites of Brando Workshop I stumbled across the ‘CT-6618′. It’s a pretty standard Chinese-Touchscreen-Phone, but it has some notable exceptions.

Even if it’s priced high compared to the other anonymous Chinese phones, compared to known brands it’s very, VERY cheap. However, if it’s reliable enough to last for 6 months, it would definitely be worth its money, given its features.

Read on for the low-down:

The CT-6618 isn’t a smartphone, even though it seems to be one at first look. Still, the features it offers are good enough for the average user who wants multimedia and hi-res pictures. Sadly, the radio is dual-band GSM only, so don’t expect 3G data speeds.

Here’s a list of specifications:

  1. GSM 900/1800 radio
  2. 5 megapixels auto-focus camera. There’s not even a puny LED flash on, so the camera’s for daylight use only
  3. 3 inch QVGA touchscreen
  4. TV-out for viewing those pictures and videos on the big screen
  5. Bluetooth with A2DP for wireless stereo audio
  6. 87MB of internal storage, plus a TransFlash (MicroSD) card slot
  7. MP3, MP4 and 3GP decoders for the multimedia

Sadly there’s only a WAP browser installed.

In the package you’ll get the phone, charger, stylus, two batteries, a stereo handsfree and USB and TV-out cables.

The design is decent enough, though they had to squeeze the buttons together to make room for the big screen.

From the pictures and knowing the size of the screen, it also looks pretty small, especially for its features.

Here comes the best part: the price is $283 including shipping to any corner of the world. And, of course, it’s not bound to any operator so all you have to do is stick your SIM card in.

It can be ordered anytime at Brando Mobile. Here’s a little gallery of shots (just click the thumbnails for the bigger pics):



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