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Radio Today lets the cat out of the bag, it’s Meow FM

Posted by skraghav on June 14, 2007



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programming marks its debut in Delhi with Radio Today launching Meow 104.8FM, positioned as a talk-based, women-focused radio station. The station has been running in test mode for more than a month, but was launched officially on Monday. Says Anil Srivatsa, COO, Radio Today, which is a part of the India Today Group: “We are a women-oriented station and women carry the reputation of being talkative, hence Meow. Through Meow FM, we are letting women do what they do best – talk.”

Looking beyond music, with ‘empathetic interactivity’ as one of the core value propositions, the station is looking to add a new dimension to the radio industry in India. Adds Srivatsa: “Looking at it another way, we have people spending most of the time thinking, the process punctuated by music. Radio Today’s programming will reflect this everyday reality by making talk primary and music secondary. Meow 104.8FM will seek to be the voice of the woman.”

Given this differentiator, the new station will have ‘On Air Hosts’ as talk-show hosts, rather than ‘jockeys’ who host music programming. Meow 104.8FM has a potent mix of programming for the ‘she’ listener. Its tagline, ‘Thodi Meethi, Thodi Catty’, reflects the station’s positioning, conveying its desire to appeal to the myriad moods of a woman.

“We have created a very effective programming strategy, backed by extensive research. Our content is customised for our target audience and reiterates our promise to reach out to a woman’s heart and mind in every possible way,” says Srivatsa. “We have some of the most engaging radio hosts and an exceptionally creative programming team, which is set to deliver the best to our enthusiastic and demanding listeners.”

After the Delhi launch, the station is due to be launched in Mumbai, Kolkata, Amritsar, Patiala, Shimla and Jodhpur in the coming months. India Today Group’s Living Media CEO Ashish Bagga adds: “The radio market is not only cluttered, but challenging, too. A niche radio station is the need of the hour and the way to go in today’s times of low attention. We have put in exhaustive research in identifying the station’s positioning and developed a programming mix that will work in sync to deliver an enjoyable experience for our listeners.”


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