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All Planets Come for you……

Posted by skraghav on June 14, 2007

Watch planets in queue for 10 days

Starting on Saturday people can watch a celestial wonder with as many as eight planets making appearance in a single month on different days and times across the night sky.

A rare opportunity awaits star gazers for the next ten days when five planets can be seen with the naked eye while three others can be seen using a telescope and other astronomical aids.

Disclosing this in Hyderabad on Saturday, Planetary Society India secretary Raghunandan Kumar said a series of celestial events, including parade of planets awaits the people in the night sky. While Mercury will be at the greatest elongation on June 2 i.e. 23.3659 degrees east of sun, people can spot it in western direction after sunset.

Mercury on June 2 will be far away from the sun, this will be an opportunity to see the planet, he said.

On the same day two more planets — Venus and Saturn — will also make their appearance. While mercury will make its appearance immediately after sunset towards western horizon, Venus will follow and can be seen towards area between West and North west direction followed by Saturn which would be visible above west direction near to Venus (which is very bright).

The suggested time to spot these planets is from 7.30 pm upto 8.30 pm, after 8.30 pm Jupiter and Pluto can also be seen. While Jupiter can be seen with the naked eye Pluto is visible using highly sophisticated instruments.

Planet mercury will rise at 7.19 am on June 2 and set at 8.32 pm and the suggested time to spot is after 7.30 pm in west direction. Venus will rise at 8.57 am and set at 22.05 pm and can be spotted at 7.30 pm in west direction so also Saturn which will rise at 10.46 am and set at 22.33 pm and will be best spotted at 7.30 pm in west direction.


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