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Philips Crystal USB drives

Posted by skraghav on May 2, 2007



Crystal USB

Philips in collaboration with Swarovski has come with crystal clad USB drives that will be more than enough to impress your girlfriend,the USB drives can store upto 1 GB of data thats enough for 1000’s of photos of 200+ songs.

Four models are out :
Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out.These models even comes with a inbuilt password protect software.
The Active crystal collection USB drives will hit the stores in August.

Buffalo releases 1 TB Hard drivehd_h1_0fbs2_3g_1.jpg



Just because Samsung announced new higher capacity hard drives for laptops, PC owners shouldn’t feel left out because, yet another company, Buffalo, has just released a 1 Terabyte SATA II hard drive.

The drive spins at 7200rpm and has a transfer rate of 3GBps. It should be available soon in Japan for about $500, but unless you can fly over there, it will still be a while before such hard drives become common in the European and American markets.


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